Vending Machine Through Melbourne Region

Are you looking for a vending machine in mornington peninsula or melbourne bayside region for your business or organisation?

If so, we are here to help. We provide simple hassle free vending machine solutions throughout Melbourne South.

We have a wide range of vending machines available for all types of locations. Whether you are looking for a combo vending machine that holds both drinks and snacks, a drink vending machine,  healthy vending machine or office vending machines  we are happy to assist you.

Our machines are simple and easy to use. They have the ability to accept cash, card and phone payment for convenience. With the latest machines now able to vend multiple purchases in one easy transaction, satisfaction guaranteed.

Our free hire service enables businesses and organisations to provide refreshments for their staff and visitors to be rejuvenated and satisfied.


The process is simple! After making contact with Walia Vending, the choice of vending machine best suited for you will be decided. You than select a range of products to be stocked in the vending machine or choose for a general set up for convenience and the products can be adjusted as needed. We will than organize delivery and Installation. Once the machine has been installed, the machine will be stocked and ready for use! Would you like to know more? Looking for Vending machines Melbourne

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